Saturday, June 27, 2009

I got in. Now what?

So I'm going to Dublin, Ireland for a year. I got into my first school choice for my Masters in International Journalism, I should be excited right?

I'm trying to be.

I worked so hard for this through grades, experience and application of knowledge, but I'm starting to doubt if it's every thing I expect it to be.

I think that the reason I am scared is because of the money. I have filled out the FAFSA and applied for loans, but I haven't heard anything yet. What really kills me is that I have to pay the full amount up front. I'm not a European Union citizen. If I was, I could pay the fees in two installments. The deadline is in the middle of July and all too soon approaching.

I need $42,000 (= E30,000) as the bare minimum and I don't have that kind of money, not right now. I don't have much hope that I will get it in time. I'm applying for scholarships hoping that I can use them to pay off the loans.

When I look at the price tag on this degree I'm starting to wonder if it's worthwhile with the downturn in print journalism. My defense for that is there will still be news even if it's reported in a different medium. The Internet will still need writers and there will always be an international scope. My heart is definitely there. I know I'm good at anything I put my mind, heart and soul into.

I made it this far. I was offered a place.

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