Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Breakdown

Yesterday was a strange day indeed. It resulted in a mini breakdown with all the stress of getting ready for the send off.

I took my laptop to Best Buy to get repaired. It fell off the table a few weeks ago and the case cracked. Luckily the thing still turned on and I was able to continue accessing information and I have accidental damage coverage for the laptop so the repairs won't cost me a thing. But with all the problems I have had with Best Buy (I will never shop there again) I am not optimistic that all will be done with out a headache to ensue.

I went to the bank today and the deposit is on it's way to my apartment. Hopefully I have made a good decision in a place to room. Once I receive confirmation on my rooming assignment I am going to purchase my plane ticket. Hopefully that will be by the end of this week.

Now is the issue with international health insurance. I have found a few decent plans and am ready to purchase. I just want to review them with someone knowledgeable.

On a lighter note, my parents purchased some hard sided Samsonite luggage for my journey! The luggage has a 10 year warranty, 360 degree rotating wheels and a TSA lock! Totally worth the money, especially since it was a Costco deal. Very nice!

I have to find some boots and a warm hat for the venture.

Time to do laundry.

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