Friday, August 7, 2009

Packing, packing, housing and more packing...

I have been diligently on the search for a place to sleep.

If I had been notified sooner about the dorms I could have been actively applying for the apartments across the street. Most of them are booked and even though I applied I have again been wait listed. I have an offer and the contract for Shanowen Hall in my e-mail box. It doesn't look bad and I can't be choosy at this point because I want to remain in the area (i.e. walking distance from the uni.)

In the meantime, I have been packing things to take with, packing things to store while I'm gone, packing things I don't want to pack ever again so I can donate the items.

I never thought I could have this much stuff. I'm thinking about selling it. But I want to have a sale where everything is out infront of the house, and if it is not gone by the end of the day DONATE IT!

Once I get the housing dillemma settled I will buy my plane ticket.

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