Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MIA for a few months, but I'm still in Dublin!

I'm wrapping up the end of semester papers and starting on my thesis soon. I was paranoid for the past four months because I couldn't settle on an area of research that I wouldn't mind reading and writing about for the next five months. I have settled on an area in media and conflict and wish I could just push aside these other paper to jump right into that.

I think that I should make a list of the beneficial things I have learned from living overseas because I have learned a lot. It's been a ride and a half. It took me all fall and winter to really settle in and become comfortable with my new living arrangements, but this spring and summer will be fabulous. I'm really not sure how I will take going back to Arizona or the US in general.
There was so much that irritated me about Ireland when I first moved here, but now I have learned to adapt. The shopping carts, the infrequent public transport, the paying for shopping bags... but because I have learned to live with, what I first saw as inconveniences, I think more countries should adopt these ways to live.

I'd really like to post more pics on this blog. And I will once I have the time.
I think I'm going to go and start on my papers. Four to write before May 15!

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