Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trials, tribulations and what have you.

It's almost been one month since my arrival in Dublin. Things are going much smoother than the first week, but I'm going through moments when I am so overwhelmed that I keep thinking, "WOW, I fucking LOVE this city!" and there are moments like right now where I feel needy and alone and I say, "Fuck, what am I doing here."

I have made plenty of friends and I have fantastic flatmates and classmates. Things could be worse, so my complaints are not with them. I just feel lonely a lot. More so than when I am home. In fact, when I am home all I could think about was leaving and not being bothered. I am not a clingy or needy person, I just need to get something out of my system. I am having trouble going to sleep at a decent hour and I am having trouble focusing on my studies. I tried to make an attempt by checking core books for my classes out of the library, but I have only cracked one open and I haven't even made it past the first page.

I just want more social interaction. I want someone I can hang out with more than just chatting about the next assignment or the next pub we will all meet at. Just like at home, everyone has their own thing going on. But for some reason, it hits me harder when I'm living here.

I'm also waiting for more money from the US government. It was supposed to be deposited into my account over a week ago, but for some reason it is taking an extra week and now the the Euro is worth 10 cents less than what it was. No Bueno.

I still have to buy books for a class and I have absolutely no money. I hate not having anything in my account. What really dried my up was having to register for the GNIB. That place was like the DMV experience from HELL.

It costs too much to do laundry and the dryers don't dry the clothes properly. I have to hang items up on the clothes horse and it takes them 3 days to dry! I feel like I'm fucking camping 24/7. I wish I could find a cheap laundry mat around here. But then arises the next issue, I don't have a car to get all of said washing to laundrette. It's bad enough taking it from my flat to the laundry room at my complex.

The only thing that has really got me excited is a probable visit next week from my friend who is studying abroad in Lille, France right now. Check out her blog at http://eurotraveltales.blogspot.com/ .

I need to get in the right mind set. Things have been assigned and I need to hop to the reading and writing. I'm a journalist aren't I?

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