Friday, September 18, 2009

This Non-American Life

I have been in Dublin for the past 2 days. Not long. But it feels much longer than that.

Time does feel like it moves much more slowly here. It took me a while to realize (or should I type realise?) that I am half-way across the world. I am not really homesick. I have been talking to my family quite frequently using Skype. I have settled in and I just need to organise a few things before I take pics of my room. However I have a few pics of what little I have done thus far. I met two ladies that attend DCU and we have got on swimmingly! Until Sunday, I will be the only on in my apartment and I think even my building. I have been spending plenty of time in my room making friends with my pillows (ie. recovering from jet lag).

These photos are my last view of Phoenix. This pic is of Glendale arena and Cardinal stadium.

I'm not sure how I feel about missing the sun and the heat. It is getting cooler here by the day and I chuckle to see people walking around in "Phoenix attire" (shorts and a t-shirt) when it's 45 degrees out.

The plane ride was long, as expected, but nothing I couldn't handle. I was almost left in JFK because I couldn't find my way around fast enough to get my Aer Lingus boarding pass. But the inflight meal was decent and they had movies and TV shows to choose from including Family Guy. The flight did get a bit long, and the seats weren't as comfortable as I thought they would be, but none-the-less I'm happy to be here.

It was very cloudy as we flew over Ireland. But soon enough I saw lovely farms! I am trying to make my way to the grocery store. And I'm having slight issues with formatting. But don't worry, I will have more to blog about when I return!

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